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carrot swirl bread
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Savory Carrot Swirl Bread

This soft, savory carrot swirl yeast bread is filled with carrot mustard paste, cheese, and a sprinkle of parsley.  When you saw the name carrot swirl bread, you would have thought of quick bread. Well, this is a yeast bread that is easy to make. This bread is very soft and deliciously comforting, served with […]

paneer buns
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Paneer Stuffed Buns

Today’s special is for vegetarians. This eggless bread dough is filled with Indian cottage cheese and veggies. These Paneer Stuffed Buns are soft, buttery, spicy and you cannot stop with one.  This paneer stuffed bun request came from my dad. My dad who is a vegetarian said that I have very few vegetarian recipes and […]

Scrambled eggs
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Spicy Scrambled Eggs Sri Lankan Style

If you try these Spicy scrambled eggs you would not go back and make the classic scrambled eggs for breakfast. You will devour every single bite you take. Have you ever felt that you are organized, but still things are not happening the way that you have planned? It’s happening to me right now. Back […]

These delicious Sri Lankan Egg and Seeni Sambol Buns are soft, fluffy and filled with spicy caramelized onions and hard-boiled eggs. Excellent for breakfast, snack, Lunchboxes, and picnics.
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Sri Lankan Egg & Seeni Sambol Buns

These soft, fluffy Sri Lankan Egg and Seeni Sambol Buns are filled with spicy caramelized onions relish and hard-boiled eggs. Excellent for breakfast, snack, Lunchboxes, and picnics. Seeni sambol (caramelized onion relish) is a very popular side dish in Sri Lanka. It is sweet, spicy, slightly sour and served with bread, hoppers (fermented crepe) and roti […]

fresh fruit salad
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Summer Fruit Salad

It is a healthy, quick and simple Summer Fresh Fruit salad that everyone will love. Every one of us knows how to make a fruit salad, it’s just that we add different dressings to it or not. I make this fruit salad during summer but it is great any time of the year. It’s lovely […]

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Easy Chicken Muffin Recipe

These easy chicken muffins are excellent for kids and adults lunch boxes. Soft, moist, spicy and super delicious savory muffins are great for grab and go breakfast. This chicken muffin recipe is freezer friendly and quick to make. Just as much as I love sweet muffins; I love savoury muffins. I always like to start […]