Ruwani Ravin Kumar

Hello and welcome to Celebrating Flavors!

I am Ruwani, a Sri Lankan living in Qatar with my husband and our 8-year-old son. I  am a teacher and I have been in the teaching profession for more than 10 years. After my son’s birth, I was working from home as a cake decorator in Sri Lanka.  

My love for cooking and baking started by watching my grandmother, mum and aunts cook. My mum is a fabulous cook, I learned a lot from her (still learning) about cooking each ingredient, like what are the spices one should use and the many different ways to cook one ingredient. She is my inspiration. Some of my aunts are great bakers and I started developing an interest in baking and cake decorating because of them. When I was 18, I joined a cake decorating class which was run by one of my mum’s friends called Mrs. White. I learned a lot from her. Afterward, I started baking and decorating cakes for family and friends birthdays and special occasions, which I enjoyed immensely. Although I am working full time as a Primary School teacher, I do bake during weekends and after work.

I started blogging as Ruwi’s Kitchen in 2015 to share recipes that I bake and cook for my family and friends. Every feedback that I got from them made me very happy. This motivated me to bake and cook more so I started developing new recipes. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I was unable to continue with my posts so my blog was shut down by the end of 2017 but this did not stop me from baking, cooking or developing recipes every day. 

 Now I am back with a new name for my blog to celebrate flavors!

My whole family is a foodie family. Just like you’ll, we make it a celebration every time when our families and friends get together with lots of homemade food. This tradition started with our grandparents and now we are taking it forward. As Sri Lankans, we love spicy food and so most of our dishes are spicy.

My family and I love trying different cuisines. Apart from Sri Lankan, my favourites are Chinese, Italian and Indian cuisines. When I visit a restaurant I always try to take time to taste each dish to figure out the ingredients used in that dish (got that talent from my mum) and try to make it healthier at home.  

 I want you to have a taste of my dishes, made in your kitchen, to be enjoyed with your family and friends.

What type of recipes do we find here?

You can expect :

  • Seasonal cooking  recipes
  • Sweet and Savoury baking recipes 
  • Traditional  Sri Lankan recipes 
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
  • International recipes
  • Lunch Box Recipes and more.

*All the recipes on this blog are tested many times before posting.


*Please note that some of the Photographs in this blog are watermarked as Ruwi’s Kitchen, which was used on my previous blog. All the pictures are  photographed by me.*

More about Me 

  • I am obsessed with layer cakes  and French pastry
  • Love developing new recipes, testing and tasting them. 
  • When I am not baking or cooking you can find me reading cookbooks/blogging and looking at food pics. Basically, I think of food all the time.
  • I am a cookbook junkie, love to collect cookbooks and read them over and over again. 
  • I love photography and enjoy taking food pics. I am still working on my photography skills. 
  • When it comes to shopping I love to shop for food and kitchen equipment.
  • I have a great interest in art, crafts, and home décor.  

 Please hang around and enjoy the recipes.